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Fancy Words


heavily spiced pork sausage native to Louisiana and signature ingredient in Creole dishes like gumbo and jambalaya


a claim by our producers that antibiotics were not administered to the livestock that we purchase from them.  


a place where bee hives of honeybees are kept.


an acute paralytic disease caused by bacteria that thrives in an anaerobic (oxygen-depleted) environment


water saturated with salt and sometimes sugar and/or spices.

Brown sugar

a sucrose sugar product that has a distinct brown color due to the addition of molasses.

Certified pork

pork products that have already destroyed trichinae by process of freezing.


the art of preparing various meat products such as bacon, ham, terrines, sausages, galantines, ballotines, and pâté - usually from pork. 

Cold smoking

process by which meats are smoked while remaining at cold temperatures to impart the flavor of smoke without cooking the product.


preservation and flavoring process for meats using salt, sugar, nitrites, or nitrates.  curing prevents growth of foodborne pathogens by drawing water out of microbial cells via osmosis. 

Datil Peppers



endangered chili most commonly found around St. Augustine that is comparable to the habanero in heat (Scoville units), but much fruitier.  a member of the Slow Foods Ark of Taste.

Datil Peppers

fat that runs along the sides and belly of the pig.  not to be confused with salt pork.

ground meat and fat that has been emulsified by grinding or puréeing.  the foundation to many forms of charcuterie..

Grain finished

the process of feeding ruminant animals a diet of grains to promote weight gain, marbling, and flavor.  often these grains are cheap genetically modified (GMO) soy and corn subsidized by the US taxpayer.

Grass fed

the slow-growing method of raising ruminant animals (cows, bison, goats, sheep) outdoors on pasture in a natural environment.


also called brawn, testa, puerco de cabeza, or souse, this delicacy is the slow-cooked tender meat of the pig's head pressed into a mold, often a terrine.

Heritage breed

breeds of animals raised by our forefathers that might not line up well with the modern industrialized agriculture system.  


a claim made by our producers that no hormones and/or growth stimulants were administered to the animals that they raise.

Hot smoking

smoking meats under high temperature to cook or partially cook the meat, impart flavor, and act as a barrier against foodborne pathogens.

Jamaican Bacon

Our Jamaican Bacon is similar to a Canadian Bacon recipe, using the loin of pork.  But we season it with Jamaican jerk.


the cheeks of a pig, which have a similar muscle-to-fat ratio as the belly.

Juniper berries

seed cone produced by juniper bushes.  this flavor is most commonly associated with gin.


whole pig cooked over coal popular in Spain and its former colonial possessions throughout the world.

Liquid smoke

a liquid obtained by condensing the smoke of green hickory wood.  (we do not use liquid smoke in any of our products).


spicy sausage from North Africa typically made with lamb or beef.

Monosodium glutamate

carcinogen commonly known as MSG.  used to enhance the flavor and mouthfeel of food.  (we do not use MSG in any of our products).


describes products that contain no artificial ingredients or added color.  minimally processed without altering the nature of the original product.

Natural casing

intestines of animals usually used in the production of sausages.

Natural sea salt

salt extracted from the sea with minimal processing and no additives like bleaching agents or anti-caking agents.  (we use Celtic Sea Salt in all of our products.)


organ meats.


food produced by methods that integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster the cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity and avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering.


term used to describe an animal's living condition: outside, where they are free to roam, graze, and forage naturally.


a French term meaning minced or ground meat, most of which are typically cooked in terrines.


a protective layer of skin which forms on the surface of meats left exposed under refrigeration.  the development of a pellicle is a precursor to quality smoked meats.

Prime, Choice, & Select

designations voluntarily given by the USDA in which federal inspectors assign grades to beef carcasses based on marbling.  (we support grass fed cattle production and feel this system caters to grain fed beef production, and therefore, an unhealthy system of agriculture.)

Sodium Nitrite/Nitrate

curing salts that act as a safeguard and protection against botulism, a deadly pathogen, in cured meats.  

Swarm trap

traps beekeepers use to catch feral swarms of bees.  (we use honey from rescued beehives in many of our products.)


heavily spiced cut of pork shoulder that is wet cured and hot smoked.  tasso ham is common in Cajun food and often appears on menus in Louisiana kitchens.

Tasso Ham

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