YETI Tundra 250 Cooler Rental

YETI Tundra 250 Cooler Rental

This massive cooler will hold 232 pounds of ice or 155 cans of beer with a 2:1 ice ratio.  


If you're going on an extended camping, hunting, or fishing trip this cooler will help keep your goods cold.  Use it to keep drinks cold at your pig roast or tailgate party. 


This cooler weighs 70 pounds EMPTY.  Please consider the dimensions of the cooler when planning pick up and drop off.  You will most likely need an SUV with folding seats, a van, or truck.


21 38/" H

55 5/8" W

22 7/8" D


YETI rental is for 48 hours unless you are renting it with a Caja China.  


Please contact us via email to check available dates.