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The Best Fight On Black Friday

Hinckley's Fancy Meats started a Black Friday tradition last year. We were grateful to be in The New York Times Holiday Gift Guide and rather than hem and haw about some drummed up Black Friday special to add more volume to our sales, we decided to give back through charity. Black Friday can bring about the worst in consumer capitalism. This year someone, somewhere, will go fisticuffs over a Teddy Ruxpin or Trumpy Bear, or whatever this year's must-have toy is. Every major news outlet is already salivating for the mouse clicks. It will be gross. It will show us at our worst. So we looked for a better fight. And we found one with Justin Wren's Fight For The Forgotten.

Justin Wren is a former UFC fighter who now fights for two great causes: bringing clean water to the impoverished and offering up anti-bullying initiatives. His Fight For The Forgotten initiative has bought up thousands of acres of land and dug dozens of wells for the Pygmy people living in the Congo. Heroes In Waiting, a Fight For The Forgotten initiative, also works locally to combat bully prevention and bring awareness.

Justin Wren

I had the good fortune of being able to live in remote Africa. I saw firsthand the crushing poverty and the need for aid. I saw some aid initiatives work. But I also saw a disheartening amount of corruption within charitable organizations: winter jackets and ice skates delivered to the beach, pharmaceuticals arriving near or past their expiration dates, etc. I also learned how a well-intended charity could crush local businesses. If you're the town's shoe cobbler and a few pallets of free shoes arrive, what's next for you? Without boots on the ground it's hard to figure out what people's actual needs are. I've listened to Justin Wren talk about his charity for hours and I believe he is doing things the right way.

Justin spent a year living with the Pygmies. He knows their needs intimately. He has buried children who have died from preventable and treatable illnesses associated with dirty water. His charity doesn't use ex-pat labor to build wells and then leave. They teach the locals how to build them and repair them, making them not only self-sufficient, but capable of being entrepreneurs and providing wells for other tribes living in the Congo.

Justin Wren

Justin's Fight For The Forgotten has bought freedom to people who were once enslaved. He's given hope to people who had none. He is making a profound impact on the lives of the oppressed, the forgotten, and those whose voices fall silent in our modern world.

We want to help Justin bring the most basic of human needs to those who need it most. This is a fight that we can get behind this Black Friday. So here's how you help:


Use Coupon Code WATER10 during checkout. We'll knock $5 off The Holiday Box and donate $10 towards Justin's Fight For The Forgotten.


Use Coupon Code WATER15 during checkout. We'll knock $5 off a Holiday Ham and donate $15 towards Justin's Fight For The Forgotten.


Use Coupon Code WATER20 during checkout. We'll knock $5 off a Porchetta roast and donate $20 towards Justin's Fight For The Forgotten.

These orders will ship the week of Dec 17, our last ship dates to make it to your door in time for Christmas. The deadline to get your orders in is Dec 7.

If you want to feel great about Black Friday and also avoid the meat sweats, consider making a donation directly to Fight For The Forgotten here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! We are thankful for your continued support and we are grateful to be at the center of your holiday table. Food always has a story to tell. And when people ask you about your holiday foods, what better story to tell them than that of Justin Wren and his Fight For The Forgotten?

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