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Talking Turkey With Farm & Haus

Every year it's a struggle to find independently run Florida farms that raise turkeys using sustainable farming methods. The birds are popular during the holidays, but most of us chefs aren't buying whole turkeys the rest of the year. Quite often the farms that we regularly buy eggs and chickens from will raise a few turkeys every year and give them to their favorite chef clients. That's been the case for most of my culinary career. But things are heating up now.

We joined our friends at Farm & Haus (chef-inspired meal delivery service) for a trip to Lake Meadow Naturals to poke around and ask questions. We found goats, alpacas, geese, ducks, "Piper" the pet pig, horses, chickens, pheasants, guinea fowl, and what we were in search of - heritage breed turkeys.

Heritage Breed Turkeys

Lake Meadow Naturals raises several species of turkeys: Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Bronze, and Midget White. They range widely in weight, from about 10-pounds all the way up to almost 50-pounds! We like the smaller White Midget breed (10-22 lbs.). As expected, they have a very limited quantity. Most chefs already have their reservations in.

Midget Whites & Bourbon Reds

We've been allocated a small number of these magnificent birds and we're excited to make them available to you, our fancy friends, on a first-come first-serve basis. You can select whether you want them roasted or gently smoked over apple wood. If you're only looking for the bird, you can find them here.

We'll also be teaming up with our friends at Farm & Haus to serve up whole Thanksgiving dinners to customers in the Orlando area! The chefs at Farm & Haus will be making all of your favorite side dishes and we'll be taking care of all the birds. You'll find Hinckley's Fancy Bacon in the Brussel's sprouts, our Breakfast Sausage is perfect in the stuffing, and we've got duck fat for the mashed potatoes.

You'll be able to pick up your Thanksgiving dinners at East End Market between Nov 20-21. Or the Farm & Haus truck will deliver it to your Orlando address.

Heritage Breed Turkeys

We can ship your heritage-breed turkey nationwide

You can order your whole Thanksgiving dinner through the Farm & Haus website if you are in the Orlando area.

Happy Eating!

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