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Smoked Duck Wings with Sriracha-Peach Glaze

Here's an easy recipe that you can put together in a hurry. If you don't have our Smoked Duck Wings on hand, give it a try with chicken wings or pork ribs, You can find Smoked Duck Wings in our new Super Bowl LII BBQ Box, a limited run box that's shipping out on Jan 30-31. Pre-order here.

Smoked Duck Wings with Sriracha Peach Glaze

Smoked Duck Wings with Sriracha-Peach Glaze

Serves 2-3

20 ea. Smoked Duck Wings

1/4 cup Peach Preserves (we used Bonne Maman)

1 tbsp Sriracha Hot Sauce

1/4 tsp Umeboshi Vinegar

1 bunch Green Onion, sliced

1 Fresno Chili, sliced (substitute Jalapeno)

1 Fresh Lime, wedged


1. Place Smoked Duck Wings on a sheet pan in the center of an oven that has been pre-heated to BROIL. Hinckley's Fancy Meats fully cooks our Smoked Duck Wings, so you're just looking to add a bit of color. Watch closely.

2. In a small sauce pan over med-low heat combine peach preserves, sriracha and umeboshi vinegar. Simmer about 10 minutes or until hot.

3. Place Smoked Duck Wings in a large mixing bowl and pour the glaze over it. Toss to coat and then turn out onto your serving plate.

4. Top with the green onions and chilies and squeeze a lime over the top..

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