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The Holiday Box

It's time.... The Holiday Box is now ready. And you'll want to order ahead of time.

Our Florida Hams are a slow food. We don't use any tricks like brine pumps or liquid smoke to speed things up. They spend about 10 days in a brine that we make using Celtic sea salt and Florida Crystals brown sugar. We then allow them to air dry and form a pellicle (a thin skin that smoke will stick to). Once the pellicle has formed we load them into our Cookshack smoker and insert a temperature probe. We program our desired temperature and then set the smoke clock to 7 hours. All of our hams are slow smoked using apple wood chunks.

Florida Ham

We remove the hams once they have been fully cooked in the smoker, and then top them off with more brown sugar while they are still warm. The sugar melts into the ham as it cools down. Often the molasses will melt out of the brown sugar leaving only crystallized white sugar on top. We scrape off any excess sugar before slicing the hams and packing them.

Florida Ham

Our Florida Hams are sourced from small independent farmers right here in the Central Florida area. Hinckley's Fancy Meats uses only heritage breed pigs raised in wide open spaces. Whole Holiday Hams weigh between 16-18 pounds with the bone in. The Holiday Box includes a boneless half ham, which will feed 6-8 hungry people.

Florida Ham

But wait. There's more....

Breakfast Sausage

We're including Breakfast Sausage in The Holiday Box. Cook it up for breakfast, or use it to make a sausage stuffing or biscuits & gravy. Our Breakfast Sausage is made with heritage pork, fresh cracked black peppercorn, fresh ginger, chopped sage, and Celtic sea salt.

You'll also find a full pound of Hinckley's Fancy Bacon in The Holiday Box. This bacon is made by curing local pork bellies in Celtic sea salt, brown sugar, and honey from nuisance beehives that we helped rescue. After a week of curing, the bacon gets slow smoked with apple wood chunks. We slice it on the thick side, and it's important to note that this bacon should be cooked in an oven rather than the skillet. Because we don't skimp on the honey, if this bacon is cooked in a skillet, often the sugars in the bacon will caramelize and burn before the bacon is cooked.

The holiday season isn't complete without a great charcuterie board. So we've loaded some of your favorites into The Holiday Box as well. You'll only need some fancy mustard, your favorite pickles, and some crackers or crusty bread to put this together.

Our Country Pate is meant to be served cold, right out of the fridge. We just sprinkle a little sea salt on it when we put it on the presentation board. Our Bacon Liverwurst is also a fully cooked and ready-to-eat product. It's a spreadable sausage, similar to Braunschweiger. And don't let the name fool you. It's a super approachable sausage without the metallic overtones that are usually associated with liver. It's smooth, silky, and luxurious. The mustards and pickles do a great job of cutting through its richness. And finally, Tasso is a cut of pork shoulder that is cured and hot smoked. We slice it thin and eat it all by itself. It brings spice and heat to the board.

Country Pate

The Holiday Box

(6-8 lbs.) Florida Ham,(half ham, boneless)

(1 lb.) Breakfast Sausage

(1 lb.) Hinckley's Fancy Bacon, thick sliced

(2 ea.) Bacon Liverwurst (Brauenschweiger) Links

(2 ea.) Country Pâté, thick sliced

(2 ea.) Tasso Ham

$185.00 shipped right to your front door.

Bacon Liverwurst

We expect to sell out of The Holiday Box and will remove the link once we do. It's important to get pre-orders in due to the lengthy process involved in smoking our hams.

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