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We're excited to announce that all of the infrastructure exists for us to comfortably put into place our farm-to-doorstep shipping platform! Pick out a fancy meat box and wait patiently at your door. Thanks for following along!

We are now taking orders for a September 29th, 2017 ship date!

We've placed orders for a Mashona-Angus breed of cow from Tracy Lee Farms in Hawthorne, FL (near Gainesville). Tracy raises her cattle in open pasture where they are free to graze on native Florida grasses. We'll also be sourcing pastured soy-free Cornish cross and Heritage White chickens from Tracy. She uses "beyond organic" farming principles, but has elected not to pay for USDA organic certification. She feels that her customers know her (we do) and that it is better and cheaper for everyone if she certifies her products by handshake. Learn more about Tracy's farm from our last visit there.

Old School Italian Sausage

We've also placed orders with Jim Wood at Palmetto Creek Farms for some of his Hereford pork. When chefs need to show off in cooking competitions they make Jim's phone ring. He's made an art out of raising these heritage hogs and got his start in the industry raising blue ribbon show pigs for the county fair. These pigs are able to roam about freely under an oak canopy, cool down in mud baths, bask in the sun, and forage naturally. Learn more about Jim's farm from our last visit there.

Bacon Liverwurst

Also on the way is wild harvested boar and antelope from our long time friends at Broken Arrow Ranch in the Texas hill country. You'll find some of those tasty chomps in The Hunt Club box.

Our best value is our Butcher CSA package. Choose whether you want to receive a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription and allow us to build your package based on what our farmers need to move. We reserve a lot of our best cuts for these packages and will be sending out new products in our Butcher CSA packages first.

Not ready for a subscription? That's fine too. We've got everything from breakfast packages to game day barbeque packages available for one-time ordering. We've even got packages for reducetarians who want to eat less meat, but of higher quality. Have a look at our store and see what suits your fancy.

Hinckley's Fancy Bacon

You'll also be happy to find out that we will be including QR Codes linked to farm profiles on your invoices. What's that mean? It means that when you download an app, like QR Reader for your smartphone, you'll be able to scan the QR code on your invoice to see exactly which farms we used to fill your order. It's another way that Hinckley's Fancy Meats has embraced modern technology to bring you closer to the farms and people who produce your food.

Order deadline September 24th, 2017!

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